Become a Homework Helper


Our greatest need is always for volunteer homework helpers.  When you serve with Project Purpose, you will be paired with a student who you will work with one-on-one.  If you are most comfortable with elementary aged students, that's who you will serve.  If you love high schoolers we will pair you with one of those!  


We offer our volunteers a tremendous amount of support and encouragement.  When you serve, you are joining a team of volunteers who have the same mission as you- to meet the educational and spiritual needs of a low-income student.


We trust that God will use you to impact the life of your student and his or her family.  


To begin serving, please explore the Volunteer Resources below.

Teach with Summer Scholars


Volunteer teachers are the life-blood of Summer Scholars.  Without them, we would not be able to provide classes to meet the needs of all of our students.  Teachers are needed for English, History, Science, and Math.


When you teach with Summer Scholars, you will teach a small group of students for 2 weeks.  You will be supported as you develop meaninful, engaging lessons for your students.  With small class-sizes, you can teach to the needs of each student in your class.  You can provide opportunities for these at-risk students to experience their education in a new light.


To begin serving, please explore the resources below. 

Summer Scholars Resources

Serve in the Garden


When you serve with Project Garden you will experience the joy our students feel when they work in the garden.  You will work alongside our students and other volunteers to care for the garden.  As you work, you will have the opportunity to encourage the children in their work.  


Don't worry, the garden isn't all work and no play!  We try to have fun while we care for the garden.  This might mean playing in the hose, creating a piece of art to leave in the garden, eating our homegrown corn, or having watermelon seed spitting competitions.  


Project Garden Nights happen 2 times a week from 6-8pm.  You do not need to have any experience gardening.  All that is required is a servant's heart and willingness to love our students.  You are welcome to join us any night in the summer!

Project Garden Resources