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After School Homework Help


Our homework help program is effective because it is built upon continuity and relationship-building.  We build consistent relationships between individual students and their tutors so that accountability and mentoring are a natural outgrowth of the developing relationship.  Through these relationships, our volunteers are showing Christ's love to their students. 

The staff and volunteers of Project Purpose provide students with the educational support necessary to end the cycle of poverty that exists in their community.   


We focus on education because many of our students enter school already behind their peers.  Kindergarten through 12th grade students are supported by a volunteer who encourages them as they complete their homework.  Attending Project Purpose provides students with extra practice in reading, math, and other subject areas.  


When they attend Project Purpose, students hear that school matters and that they can do the work. 

Mentor relationships have an impact on our students because these relationships offer Christ's hope.

Students are paired with a mentor who supports them in their schooling.  Mentors provide students with a valuable relationship that offers hope and love.  Mentors are given the unique opportunity to share Christ's love with their student.  

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