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STEM Resources

The Project Purpose office is filled with lots of different resources for you and your student to use! This training will highlight the STEM section of our office.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Many of our students lack access to extra curricular activities in these subjects, and therefore we felt an importance to equip our students with access to resources while at tutoring.

Where is the STEM section in the office?

When you enter the office, on the left side wall, you will find a whole section dedicated to STEM.

We have STEM activity crates (I'll explain more below) that are kept on the upper shelfs on the right side wall.

There are non-fiction books, including STEM books on the bottom bookshelf in the outer hallway of the office.

Hands on Learning

Many of the STEM activities we have in the office are hands on learning activities (and lots of fun!!!) These hands on learning activities can help your student learn various concepts related to STEM and may even spark their interest to pursue further study when they grow up. Below are a few of the resources we have to offer.

STEM Kiwi Crates

A Kiwi crate is a STEM activity in a box. Each crate comes with different activities/ items to build that teach STEM concepts. The crate has step by step directions on how to put the activity together, as well as information to read and learn as you go. We encourage you to start a STEM crate when you have 20+minutes of tutoring time, as they can take time to put together.

If your student does not finish the activity, please write their name on the box. Place the box on the stack in the outer hallway of the office. Please check this stack before your student starts a new activity. After they have finished their crate, they can take it home to keep learning!

Ignite: STEAM Club

Interested in helping our students more with STEAM? We offer our students a STEAM Club throughout the year. They meet about once a month and learn about a topic in STEAM and do hands on activities related to topic. We are always looking for volunteers to help our students as they participate in the club.

Happy Exploring and Learning!!

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