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Learning Palettes

The Project Purpose office is filled with lots of different resources for you and your student to use! This training will highlight our Learning Palettes.

What is a Learning Palette?

Learning Palettes allow students to work on reading or math problems through pairing each problem with the correct colored disks that matches the answer. This resource may look intimidating to use, but it is actually a simple resource to use. Our students often view it as a game!

The Project Purpose has both Math and Reading Learning Palette Kits. The Kits are based off of of grade level.


We currently have Kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd grade level for Reading. Some examples of Reading topics covered include:


-Beginning Consonant Sounds


-Ryhming Words


-Capitalization and Punctuation

-Word Usage

-Prefixes and Suffixes


We currently have Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade levels for Math. Some examples of Math topics covered include:







-Place Value

If the grade level kit for your student seems too hard or easy, feel free to move up or down a grade level.

What's inside the Learning Palette Center Kit?

The Kit comes with the round Learning Palette, small colored disks, and packs of cards with questions for the student to complete.

The picture below shows examples of Reading cards.

How do you use a Learning Palette?

1. Remove the colored disks.

2. Position the card, question side up, on the Learning Palette.

3. Answer the question by placing their corresponding colored disks in the slot containing

the correct answer. The question that is asked on the card is often found along the

outside of the circle on the card.

Some cards will make quarters out of the circle. The questions and answers in each

quarter of the circle go together. This will be noted by the quarters each being highlighted

in a different color outline. See example below.

Other cards will use the whole card to match the questions and answers. See example


4. Upon completion turn the card over to check the answers. If done correctly, the colors

on the card will match those of the disks.

Have Fun!

We hope that your tutoring time can be a fun experience for both you and your student! Our Learning Palette Kits are one tool to help make this possible.

Feel free to offer your student a prize from our prize bin for working hard to complete their Learning Palette.

If you are interested in using a learning palette and have more questions about them, feel free to talk any of the staff at tutoring!

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