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Selecting Books, Pt. 3

There are two last resources I'd like to highlight for this series on Books and Reading.

The first is a really great website that you may find to be of use for even more tips and ideas for guiding your student to become a reader. This site was recommended through one of our volunteers, who is also a Pottsgrove elementary school teacher. If you want to continue to explore this area of tutoring, I would highly encourage you to take some time to go through the site!

The other thing I would like to point you to is something we have right on our bookshelf for your use.... depending on where they are in their reading journey!

For early readers/just learning:

1. These "sight word" or basic phonics books are a great activity. The kids can read through them, color the pictures themselves, and take them home with them! They are in the BACK of the book bins (A-D) of the very bottom shelf. Please feel free to grab some! (Top left photos)

2. Often easily overlook, but there are TONS of leveled readers on the counter behind the table in the resource room! Just and FYI that those are there! (Top right photo)

3. These early reader books (Bottom photos) are so great for tutor/student reading together! The bottom right photos shows how the book is laid out, so that the adult and the student are taking turns reading. The adult reads the small text and the student reads the large. There are also comprehension activities and questions in the back! Don't miss these great books!

For mid- to high-level readers:

1. We have a great selection of books with accompanying study/comprehension guides. There packets offer a great way to make sure your student is actually understanding what they are reading!

2. Non-fiction section! We have so many non-fiction books available! There is a great bin on the actual shelf, right at eye-level when you first come in, with a wonderful selection. But also be sure to check out the far right cubby on the white shelves where we keep most of our games. There are some REALLY good and fun books over there! (See bottom right photo, above)

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