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Building Relationships with Families


Parents desire Communication, Commitment, Equality, Trust, and Respect
  1. Practice open and honest communication.

    1. Reaching out after a tutoring sessions to share how well their child did or what you worked on.

    2. Take a picture of your student working and text it to the parent.

    3. Don’t lose heart——this may take months, even years. It may be uncomfortable and at times your efforts may go with no response.

    4. Luke 16:10- “One who is faithful in very little is also faithful in much”

  2. Families will appreciate when you demonstrate commitment to their child.

    1. You have returned for another year!

    2. Remember students’ birthdays.

    3. Bring resources of your own and share with the parent these resources.

    4. If you’re able, offer to attend meetings or school events with the parent.

  3. Treat parents with equality regarding their children’s education.

    1. What does the parent know about the child that you might benefit from?

    2. Ask them what they would like you to work on with their child.

  4. Be a person who parents trust and who shows parents respect.

    1. Follow through on your word.

    2. Treat the child with dignity and ensure you create a space that is safe.

  5. Face to face visit can go a long way!

  6. Remember that God has a purpose for your relationship with your student’s parent.

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