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Aspiring to become trusted companions in the lives of underserved 5th-12th grade young men, it is our goal to guide, mentor, and develop these students into budding youth who become flourishing young adults through the changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Young Men's Discipleship

The Young Men’s Discipleship Program incorporates a blend of attentive after-school homework assistance and tutoring combined with a uniquely executed discipling process. We believe that foundations are key; we work to establish fundamental building blocks of trust, acceptance, commitment, and guidance for the boys to be anchored in during their afternoons with us. 

It is because of this strong foundation of relational integrity that the boys are able to seek out the answers their hearts so deeply desire to have provided—

Who is God? 

Does He really love everybody? 

Why did God make me the way I am?

When youth experience truthful answers, tough questions like these can lead them into a deeply inspired life lived for God.  Our hope is to create comfortable and emboldened mentoring relationships which allow these boys to grow into refined leaders and mentors themselves. 

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