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Let's Send Kids to Camp!

About Camp 


Since 2017, individuals have come alongside over 55 Project Purpose students to give them the gift of a life changing week at summer camp. Our students look forward to their week at Camp all year long.
The gift of a Camp Manatawny sponsorships allows children an opportunity that they may not otherwise be able to experience.  Sponsors come alongside our Project Purpose students and help pay for their Camp Manatwany experience.  
A Sponsorship also ensures students have the supplies they need to attend camp and money on their snack bar account.

What Our Students and Parents Say about Camp...

"That was the BEST week of my life!" -Amirah, 2nd grade

"The food was so good!  I can't wait to go back." -Mehki, 2nd grade

"My favorite part was horseback riding.  I had never done that before.  It was scary at first, but then I really liked it." -Samriah, 5th grade

"Camp changed my son's life.  Every year when he comes back I see a change in him.  He looks forward to going every year." -Sabrina, mother of a 3rd year camper

"When I went to pick my kids up I knew they had a great week.  I could tell they had fun when I saw them singing their camp songs and doing their cabin dance.  Thank you to everyone who helped them to go." -Ebony, mother of 3 1st year campers

Sponsor a Student Today, make an Impact for Eternity

A week at Camp makes a life changing impact on our Project Purpose kids.  Your tax-deductible gift to Project Purpose's Let's Send Kids to Camp! Campaign goes 100% towards sponsoring kids to attend camp.  You can choose a whole or a partial sponsorship.  

     1. Whole sponsorships cover 1 student for 1 week of camp.  The cost is $375. 

     2. Partial sponsorships cover 1 student for 1/2 a week of camp.  The cost is $190.

How to give:

Sponsorships are tax-deductible gifts made directly to Project Purpose.  Project Purpose then helps parents register for camp.  Project Purpose pays the camp fees directly to camp.  You can give by sending a check with Camp Sponsorship in the memo or you can give online using the link below.

Campfires, hikes in the woods, canoe trips down the creek, Bible study lessons, Late night cabin laughs 

The joys of summer camp are memories that last forever.  They can also have an eternal impact on the life of a Project Purpose student.  

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