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Ignite: STEAM Club


Project Purpose is dedicated to increasing academic and community equity for the students we work with. Now, we've set our sights on increasing our students access to academic enrichment opportunities to ignite their interests in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities and increase their exposure to the exciting opportunities in related fields. Partner with us to provide a series of exploratory mini-programs and one day events to increase our students access and unlock their potential!


The joy of the summer is found in the garden...planting, weeding, harvesting, eating, and laughing.

Who: a diverse group of Kindergarten to 8th grade students from low-income housing in the Pottstown area


What: increased equity in access to academic enrichment opportunities, specifically in STEAM related fields


Why: Our goal is to "Expose, Explore, Ignite"

   *Expose our students to interesting and engaging STEAM activities  

   *Explore various STEAM fields through hands on, small group, academic enrichment activities

   *Ignite our students' interest and excitement to be part of the ever growing STEAM fields

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