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Project Purpose is a faith based ministry that works with low-income, at-risk students in Pottstown.  Project Purpose provides an opportunity for volunteers to serve these students, while sharing with them God's love.

Our Students

Our Students

Project Purpose serves over 90 low-income, kindergarten-12th grade students.  Many of the students served by Project Purpose live in the community of Rolling Hills, a low-income housing developement in Pottstown, PA.  Project Purpose is a free service to these students.  


Our students are hungry for volunteers to enter their lives to support them in their school work.  At the elementary level, our students are in need of volunteers to read with them, laugh with them, and do math with them.  At the secodary level, our students are in need of volunteers who tell them that school matters and that they can do the work.  


Our Students are hungry for God's never-ending love.

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